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- Books & Newsletters -

Google groups comp.robotics.misc
RobotBooks.Com In addition to robot books, you will also find a selection of robot toys, movies, educational toys, magazines, motors, and robot kits.
The Encoder The Newsletter of the Seattle Robotics Society

- Electronic Distributors -

Conrad Electronic Conrad Electronic is het grootste postorderbedrijf in elektronica van Europa.
Digi-Key Corporation Digi-Key Corporation is one of the fastest-growing electronic component distributors in the World.
Mouser Electronics Mouser Electronics is one of the 30 largest supplier authorized distributors of electronic components in North America. Mouser Electronics' product line includes Semiconductors, Passives, Interconnects, Electromechanical, Power Sources, and Specialty Products.
Jameco Electronics Jameco Electronics is a catalog distributor offering a comprehensive selection of electronic components and computer products.
MPJA MPJA - Electronic Mail Order Supplier
Supplier of aggressive priced computer accessories, power supplies, electronic kits, LCD, LED, CCD cameras, etc.

- Robot shop's -

Solutions Cubed Solutions Cubed provides a range of products for use by electronic enthusiasts and OEMs. Their products have found their way into NASA weather balloons, ATM machines, animatronics, and school bell alarms. Our line of Miniature Engineering Modules (or Mini-Mods) takes common engineering requirements and simplifies access to a variety of functions.
Acroname Acroname was founded in 1994 with the intention of making robotics easier.
Devantech Ltd. Devantech Ltd. - A source of electronic modules and components to robot builders.
Parallax Inc. Parallax Inc. - Home of the Basic Stamp and a source of electronic modules and components to robot builders.

- RF & communication -

Lemos International, Inc. Lemos International, Inc. is a full-service, multi-role firm that specializes in the sale, distribution and management of state-of-the-art RF and microwave components and subsystems.
Linx Technologies Linx Technologies specializes in low-cost wireless modules and OEM RF product solutions
KVASER CAN pages KVASER Controller Area Network pages
Kvaser is a technology provider of CAN software, hardware, consultation and education to the global market of CAN developers.
S.N.A.P. - Scaleable Node Address Protocol S.N.A.P is an free and open network protocol. The protocol was primary developed for PLM-24 based home automation and control systems but it is a generic protocol and not limited to this. S.N.A.P can be used in any type of applications where an easy to learn and light weighted network protocol is needed.
Optoelectronics page Optoelectronics and optics page
Serial Communications Information and links about Serial Communications collected by David Cary.

- Sensors & Actuators -

Gameboy camera The Gameboy Camera
  • These pages describe a frame-grabber that aquires images from up to 4 Mitshubishi Retina cmos image sensors (as found in Nentindo Gamboy Cameras) simultaneously, and can be connected to either a microprocessor's bus or to a bidirectional parallel port.
  • Using the Gameboy Camera for Robot Vision
  • AVR + GameBoy(tm) Camera = Fun
CMUcam The CMUcam is a new low-cost, low-power sensor for mobile robots. You can use CMUcam to do many different kinds of on-board, real-time vision processing. Because CMUcam uses a serial port, it can be directly interfaced to other low-power processors such as PIC chips.
KUBE KUBE is a supplier for Passive Infrared Motion Detectors to the alarm industry, automatic light switch manufacturers, military, automotive industry and many other fields of automation and robotics that require the detection of the presence of people or other hot objects.
Quadravox Quadravox ,Inc. specializes in stand-alone sound output systems and the tools needed to create and support them. Their visible product line is concentrated on the support and application of ISD's (Information Storage Devices) analog recorder chips and MP3 coding.
SC-01A Speech Synthesizer The Votrax SC-01A Speech Synthesizer is a phoneme synthesizer of the early 1980's. It is capable of unlimited English speech using a stream of phoneme codes as input.
Winbonds Text-to-Speech Winbonds New WTS701 Text-to-Speech Processor Enables More Realistic Speech Synthesis for Low-Resource Consumer Applications.
There are several modules available:
- Devantech Ltd's SP03 - Text to Speech Synthesizer
- Emic Text-to-Speech SIP Module
SoftVoice The SoftVoice text-to-speech system (SVTTS) converts unrestricted English and/or Spanish text into highly intelligible, natural sounding speech in real time. SVTTS uses no recorded speech, so it has an unlimited vocabulary.
Sensory, Inc. Sensory, Inc. is the leading provider of embedded speech recognition and speech synthesis technologies.
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